Paul Dietze & Timm Tiller


We founded The Owners Forum in 2008 to connect owners of leading family enterprises.

Family ownership is a bridging dynamic. Owners of multigenerational family businesses are custodians of a bigger project than the individual and the enterprise is more than just its tangible, marketable asset. Its consequences can be political, social, environmental, economic, and above all, personal. Human possibilities spring from family legacies. Owners are responsible for the risks and innovations inherent to discovering the paths forward that safeguard the strength and reputation that led to family successes. All such enterprises include the communities and societies they come from and work in. Civic and philanthropic works are as important as any division of the business.
The common ground of mutual understanding and helping one another are the underpinnings of civilization moving in the right direction.

As catalysts for dialogue among a select group of family enterprises, we are committed to their continued success and long-term growth.


Berlin, September 2014


Paul Dietze & Timm Tiller
Founders of The Owners Forum