The Owners Forum connects leading family enterprises in economic cooperation and knowledge exchange. Generations of ownership, entrepreneurial spirit and social integrity form our common ground. Dedicated service to one another is our shared resource.


Members are owners of large, multigenerational and globally ambitious family enterprises from old and new growth regions and business sectors. Members share and leverage each other’s expertise in business matters, family leadership and citizenship. Members are custodians of their enterprises, their legacies and their communities. The circle grows slowly and carefully only as members nominate peer family enterprises into the forum.


Each Owners Forum facilitates a personal exchange of ideas around economic and social landscapes. To ensure open dialogue, forums are limited to 100 member families and guests and follow a strict, no-media policy. Forums encourage international cooperation and foster an open atmosphere for sharing thoughts and experiences. The format includes keynotes, workshops, roundtables, privately hosted dinners and time set aside for private talks.


Owners Forum dinners are informal evenings among a small group of members and guests to establish new relations, create or strengthen bonds and exchange ideas in a social setting. The touchstone, context and jumping-off point of each dinner is the authentic perspective of the host family’s story over generations. An anecdotal atmosphere to compare each other’s family experiences, debate the outcomes and posit the future.

Young Owners

A development programme organized exclusively for younger family members as they navigate their way toward deeper participation in the family enterprise. The Young Owners Forum fosters meaningful relationships among a new generation of leaders. The programme is designed for family members 18 and older and below the age of 35 and is based on peer-to-peer exchange of experience and knowledge utilizing highly interactive formats.

Global Councils

As the world moves toward increased global uncertainty, there is an urgent need for owners to collaborate with increased social integrity across regional boundaries and national borders. Councils consist of five Owners Forum members from five different countries and are held virtually four times a year. A council chair is responsible for defining the mission and choosing four other members. Council chairs are free to set parameters as narrow or as broad as they wish. The setting is informal and unencumbered by bureaucracy.

Digital Sessions

Digital sessions in a virtual setting to help members learn and benefit from each other during times of uncertainty, social distancing and rapidly changing business climates. Members share experiences about these unusual circumstances and focus on how they tackle arising challenges. Discussions with fellow members revolve around current developments and strategies related to members’ businesses, their families and their roles in society.