The Owners Forum Digital Edition 2020

The Owners Forum Digital Edition 2020 will be live-streamed on 3 December 2020.

The Owners Forum this winter takes place digitally. Our trusted circle continues to exchange ideas, leverage networks and share support through – and especially during – trying times. The effort is global and each of us has a leadership role. Our mission to share expertise, connections and compassion on an international scale is an unchanged constant.
The Digital Edition’s sessions and structure focus on issues surrounding family, communities and business enterprise during this global crisis. In these unusual times, new trends and ideas are constantly emerging. Peer Dialogue Sessions allow members to tap into one another’s experiences in an interactive setting.

Owners Sessions

Owners sessions revolve around family entrepreneurship. Owners of leading family enterprises share best practices, success stories and lessons learned. Discussions also address current developments and strategies related to their businesses, their families and their roles in society.

Innovation Sessions

Innovation Sessions highlight breakthrough ideas that harness opportunity and values-based innovation to tackle global social challenges. Social entrepreneurs and technology pioneers share their disruptive visions and draw conclusions about trend landscapes, new technologies and projected socio-economic scenarios in the region.

Peer Dialogue Sessions

In order to bond and develop valuable networks, small and trusted circles of future owners form to generate relevant topics and self-guide through areas of social, economic and family enterprise interests. Participants share experiences and current areas of personal development as well as their visions for a professional mandate in anticipation of their future role in the family enterprise.


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