The Owners Forum Florence 2021

The Owners Forum Florence 2021 will be held on 1 July 2021.

The Owners Forum takes place for the first time in Florence, Italy, capital of Tuscany. The city is and has been a Renaissance and Humanistic mecca throughout history and western anchor of family enterprise business models and political innovation. Florence is a renowned creative destination and meeting place surrounded by aesthetic inspiration.
Established European economies are constantly adapting to the realities of the global marketplace. Few are able to tout Florence’s legacies and lists of family pedigree. The city has maintained a continuous foothold in all things commerce, politics and culture – especially fashion, plastic arts and architecture. Like archaeology provides insight in to contemporary society in general, Florence is an encyclopaedia of European commerce.


The Owners Forum Florence 2021 explores the central Italian city’s aesthetic and commercial traditions as well as its cultural heritage.

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The Owners Forum is an open knowledge exchange in a private atmosphere. Participants discuss current developments and strategies related to their businesses, their families and their roles in society. Time is set aside for pre-arranged private talks between members during the forum.

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