Welcome to The Owners Forum Hamburg 2020

The Owners Forum Hamburg 2020 will be held on 3 December 2020.

The Owners Forum takes place for the first time in Hamburg, Germany, the country’s second largest city after the capital of Berlin and a definite equal in driving business, nurturing culture and stressing quality of life. Hamburg is a renowned host of international summits on economics, art and environmental issues making it an ideal backdrop for enterprising discussion.
Established European economies are constantly adapting to the realities of the global marketplace. Few manage it with the cosmopolitan verve of Hamburg. The city has always been an evolutionary pioneer in all things commerce and culture. Its energetic, young and multi-cultural entrepreneur community mixes with the traditions of established family enterprises in this economic laboratory for future growth.


The Owners Forum Hamburg 2020 explores the North Sea port’s modern mix of Hanseatic commercial tradition and the constant, tenacious re-invention from medieval to cutting-edge city. The venue is an organic and exemplary masterwork of contemporary architecture blending into its natural surroundings.

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The Owners Forum is an open knowledge exchange in a private atmosphere. Participants discuss current developments and strategies related to their businesses, their families and their roles in society. Time is set aside for pre-arranged private talks between members during the forum.

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