As the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and many of the technologies behind it, The United Kingdom moved the world from hand-production into a mechanized world. No field or sector has been left untouched by British innovation. From early electrical, engineering, combustion and machine innovations to more modern ones in computing and finance.

Art & Culture

London is as diverse as it gets. More than 300 languages are spoken in the region. Great Britain’s economic importance is easily matched by its creative leadership in all artistic media. The city is home to countless museums, theatres, orchestras and art galleries, and boasts four World Heritage Sites in the Tower of London, Kew Gardens, Westminster and St. Margaret’s Church.


London Bridge, Big Ben and Buckingham palace are only a few iconic pieces of British architecture and history that live in the city as much as they do in our minds through literature – owning its most poetic western beginnings to Shakespeare. The Royal Observatory at Greenwich defines the Prime Meridian at 0° longitude, constituting Greenwich Mean Time.


London is a port on the navigable Thames in the southeast of England. The cityscape defines both sides of the river and is an eclectic mix of centuries of architectural epochs and modern fancy. Green spaces and much open water welcome everywhere the visitor out of doors.


Londonium was founded as a port settlement by the Romans in 43 AD on the River Thames in the southeast of England and rapidly grew into one of the world’s most important and influential global economic centres. The United Kingdom has always played a major role in shaping European and world histories.

From medieval migrations, through centuries of commerce and diplomacy, world wars and siege, reconstruction and leadership, The United Kingdom remains a major player on the global stage – culturally and socially as well as politically and economically. New interpretations of art and business are shaped by the young, international and creative workforce drawn to London.