Robben Island was residence of freedom fighter Nelson Mandela for too long. He set a democratic stage for businesses, life and ethics to thrive, before, after and from prison. For families to flourish. For growth and legacy. His story looms here in a positive way. Not a memorial. A celebration.

Flora & Fauna

The Cape’s abundance of wildlife in all evolutionary forms is unrivalled. A diversity of species exists here like nowhere else. Penguins, unmistakeable marsupials, sea life, long sand beaches full of wildlife, blooms of colour at every turn and high altitude forests.


The stunning land- and seascapes of Cape Town are singular in their starkness and beauty. They range from the Cape of Good Hope’s sheltered harbour – famous since antiquity – to the unmistakeable Table Mountain vistas and general lush setting in the Cape’s Floristic Region.

Culture & Cuisine

Cape Town is known for its diverse heritage, vivid traditions and striking geological landmarks. Its genré-bending music influences the world, the seafood is astounding and its modern interpretations of business and nightlife welcome young and old.


South Africa is home the some of the world’s oldest hominid fossils and the region has long been considered the cradle of humankind. Cape Town itself is the oldest urban settlement in South Africa, dating to 1488 Portuguese exploration and subsequent settlement.

The Cape of Good Hope has been a beacon for enterprise since the Dutch East India Company’s use of the natural harbour as a resupply port in the late 1600s. Now it is a new beacon of the difficult but not military, transition to justice. A place of one of the world’s few correct and accountable changes peace, thanks to vision, strength and values.