The Owners Forum Singapore 2022

The Owners Forum Singapore 2022 will be held from 10-11 March 2022.

The Owners Forum takes place for the second time in Singapore. Asia is home to many of the world’s and fastest growing economies and Singapore is a paramount hub, making any social and economic changes there automatically relevant to global markets. Powerful manufacturing and intrepid banking sectors favour Asia as a balanced theatre for forward-thinking business.
Many say the 21st century belongs to Asia. Family enterprises from the region share examples of inventiveness and flexibility in mastering giant but brisk economies. Participants take home an enlightened sense of economic scale from Asian models for moving forward.


The Owners Forum Singapore 2022 explores the tropical city state’s capacity for bellwether forward motion. The restored colonial seaside venue for the forum is an idyllic yet modern garden oasis from which to explore Singapore’s offerings.

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The Owners Forum is an open knowledge exchange in a private atmosphere. Participants discuss current developments and strategies related to their businesses, their families and their roles in society. Time is set aside for pre-arranged private talks between members during the forum.

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