The Owners Forum Tel Aviv 2023

The Owners Forum Tel Aviv 2023 will be held from 18-19 October 2023.

The Owners Forum takes place for the first time in Tel Aviv, Israel, a highly-advanced business climate leading the rest of the world in science, technology, education and stable social systems. Economic, educational and social summits set on a global stage are a driving as well as a growing facet of Israeli civic structure.
Israel’s precarious location, relatively recent inception as a country and cultural mélange have forced constant adaptation to regional realities in relation to global marketplaces. An energetic, young and extremely intrepid citizenry synthesizes tradition with enterprise in this laboratory for future social and economic growth.


The Owners Forum Tel Aviv 2023 splits time between inspiring meeting hubs for peace and innovation and a Neo Renaissance marvel of enchanting historical architectonic renovation dating back to the 19th century. Tranquility minutes from the beach. and unparalleled in its presentation of life’s finer things.

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The Owners Forum is an open knowledge exchange in a private atmosphere. Participants discuss current developments and strategies related to their businesses, their families and their roles in society. Time is set aside for pre-arranged private talks between members during the forum.

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