Young Owners Forum 2023

The Young Owners Forum 2023 will be held in Gstaad from 3-4 February 2023.

The Young Owners Forum launched in the summer of 2019 in Berlin, Germany. This annual development programme is a smaller, more intimate forum organized exclusively for family members under the age of 35 as they navigate their way toward deeper participation in the family enterprise.
Combining interactive development sessions and workshops led by international thought leaders, it focuses primarily on the dynamics facing younger family enterprise members. Continued collaboration among the group supports each member during the formative years of their professional careers and fosters meaningful relationships among new generation of family enterprise leaders on a global scale.

Future Owners Sessions

Future Owners Sessions revolve around the dynamics of young family members stepping into new responsibilities in their family enterprise. Experts and senior owners of legacy family enterprises share best practices, success stories and lessons learned along the way. Discussions also address current developments and strategies related to managing generational shifts in family ownership structures as well as past and emerging roles in society.

Peer Dialogue Sessions

In order to personally acquaint, bond and develop valuable networks, small and trusted circles of participants generate relevant topics and self-guide through areas of social, economic and familial interest to anchor the composition of group. Participants share expertise, lessons learned, current challenges as well as their visions of developing a professional mandate in anticipation of leading the family enterprise.

Innovation Sessions

Innovation Sessions highlight breakthrough ideas that harness opportunity and values-based innovation to tackle global social challenges. Young, civic-minded entrepreneurs and technology pioneers share their disruptive visions on-location to provide real-world dimension and draw conclusions about trend landscapes, new technologies and projected socio-economic scenarios around the globe.


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